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In Other Words: Speaking from the Gut

During the In Other Words exhibit’s first week, visitors were asked the question, “What is Innovation?” They were invited to write their answers on cards and hang them on the gallery wall. For the gallery’s opening reception, a live web poll was projected featuring similar questions. Visitors could answer the web poll by texting or tweeting and see their responses scroll onto the screen live. This graphic collects all the answers — what a variety of views!

The interactive and conversational installation was designed by illustrator/ writer,Kenji Liu. Kenji is a 1.5-generation immigrant from New Jersey. His writing arises from his work as an activist, educator, artist, and cultural worker. A lifelong visual artist, writer, and musician, he is currently working on a full-length book of his poetry, prose, and art.

We would love to have you be a part of the show in this way – tell us what you REALLY think, @ IN OTHER WORDS!

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