In Other Words’ Balderdash: Meet Tara Jepsen

Date: Wednesday, March 21 | 7PM | $10-$15

Ticket Link:

Location: 925 Mission St., #109, San Francisco, CA 94103


And another one! Here’s a hot participant profile who will soon be your teammate or foe in Intersection’s upcoming BALDERDASH event! Next week – you have your tickets yet?

Code name: Tara Jepsen (no one suspects when you use your real name)
Place of employment: The goddess’s green earth
If you had a sign above your desk, what would it read? I Love Cats
Why do you think you’ll win? Because I was nice to someone once every day for the past two weeks
What is your favorite story set in SF? My friends’ lives
What is your favorite secret spot in SF? The Dish skate spot in the Bayview
What word inspires you? Skateboarding
What word scares you? injustice
What word have you never really understood?Capitulate
What word always confuses you? Duplicitous
What is your least favorite word? Drapes

Come join us for an uncensored friendly competition of the hilariously fun game,  Balderdash. Sign up as an individual or join a team for a round of Balderdash hosted by author Michelle Tea to show off your smarts, meet rad folks, and win prizes!

Spread the butter among your facebook folks and get the perfect team together or just come as a word-smith lone wolf. Either way, swoop tix HERE.


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