Golda & the Guns

Off The Grid : 3/23 A Smashing Good Time with Golda + The Guns!

It’s official, OFF THE GRID, is the best place to escape to on Fridays. Feel good, Eat good and kick it hard with us, Fridays 12-3pm – Minna Street, btwn Mary & 5th Street.

Intersection for the Arts curates live music and theater performances to appear at Off The Grid’s lunch market at 5th and Minna St. On Friday, March 23, prepare for a righteously supreme time with fam-folks of the neighborhood,
Golda + The Guns

Golda + The Guns

Golda Supernova – vocals
Brandon Bigelow – guitar
Eric Salvador – drums

Golda + The Guns (G+G) spin epic tales of guitar and heart by a flickering light on the darkest of nights. Their ensemble including Golda Supernova on vocals, Brandon Bigelow on guitar, Dennis Sarte on bass, and Eric Salvador on drums distinguishes rebellious storytelling with rock punk drive.

This video, DROP YOU, directed by Wernher Von Goff and featuring San Francisco comedian Kevin Camia won the SFIAAFF Judges Choice Award for best DIY Video 2010. G+G live in the Bay Area and are Bindlestiff Studio Resident Artists. Off the Grid finds Golda, Brandon + Esal on an acoustic quest to light the darkest hour in the bright light of day.

Join us for this unique food and art experience and check-in @Intersections For the Arts & @Off the Grid, when you are there! Afterwards, come visit us and feast your eyes and mind on our on-going gallery, IN OTHER WORDS!

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