cal shakes and intersection

The Triangle Lab: experiments in making theater together

Triangle Lab experiments seek to expand who participates in theater-making and how they participate, seeking to discover new models for a theater that is relevant, inclusive, and responsive to our communities. We’re interested in exploring new forms, imagining different performance spaces, and rewriting the rules for how audiences and performers interact, We aim for theaters, artists and communities to become equal partners in discovering and sharing the profound stories of our times, challenging notions about the performer/spectator divide. We expect our experiments to yield new stories and new ways of telling them, new methods for applying theatrical tools to community challenges, and a broad range of participants engaged together in understanding our communities.

The Triangle Lab invites community members to participate in art-making experiences. We commission artists to initiate experiments that push the boundaries of the art form, and partner with arts organizations who envision a radical new role for institutions.

California Shakespeare Theater and Intersection for the Arts are the founding partners of the Triangle Lab. Photo above: a meeting of the teams from the two organizations.

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Intersection for the Arts is a leading-edge arts and community development organization that connects people and communities across physical, social, cultural, and economic boundaries to instigate change.