La Burbuja: A Portable Sound Booth for a Storytelling Series

Date: November 11 | 7PM

Tickets: http://laburbuja.eventbrite.com/ | $5–15, sliding scale

How can DESIGN and ARCHITECTURE facilitate interaction and exchange between people?

Hugo Martinez and Christin To, co-founders of MAT-TER Design + Build Studio, will share their work on La Burbuja, a portable sound booth to record stories gathered by Sonic Trace, a storytelling and mapping project collecting and sharing the stories of immigrants in Los Angeles one voice at a time.

La Burbuja, or “the Bubble”, was designed by MAT-TER Design + Build Studio, and was named winner of the Sonic Trace Design Competition. The contest challenged designers, architects, builders and visionaries to create a portable sound booth which will be used to record stories for a new media project and radio series, Sonic Trace.

La Burbuja is one of the many upcoming projects of the Califas Festival, a co-production of Intersection for the Arts and the California Shakespeare Theater. The Califas Festival is a six week-long immersive, story-filled play yard of music, visual art, performance, and more in and around Intersection’s headquarters at 5M (5th and Mission) in San Francisco.


MAT-TER_design + build studio is a collaborative studio exploring the process of design in Architecture, immersive spaces, furniture and fabrication. We at MAT-TER_design + build studio understand the responsibility and value in improving the built environment in every design intervention. We believe that design, whether manifested through architecture, furniture, product design, or purely interactive environments is a pivotal catalyst for the interaction between human beings. Knowing such responsibility as a design studio, we seek to constantly question, explore, and enhance how we experience our surroundings. Using this philosophy as a departing point our designs are the outcome of an evolutionary process that spans across different design techniques and manufacturing processes. Processes that range from digital design and digital fabrication to the more traditional building techniques in different media. Every design challenge we take on is a new opportunity to question, understand and evolve the design process and the ultimate outcome.

Hugo Martinez (b. Michoacan, Mexico) is an architectural designer and builder. He is founder of Mat-ter Design+Build Studio. He attended California Polytechnic State University and received a Bachelor of Architecture in 2006. Following, he received a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design fromColumbia University in 2007. From 2007 to 2009 Hugo Martinez worked as digital fabrication production manager at Morphosis Architects under the leadership of Thom Mayne. He has been published for work done academically and professionally, has served as guest critic at Cal Poly and guest lecturer at the Annual Architectural Congress in UDLA, Puebla, Mexico in 2008.

Christin To (b. Hamburg, Germany) is an architectural designer, and co-founder of Mat-ter Design+Build Studio. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture with Honors from the Universityof California, Berkeley in 2007 and has worked at Morphosis Architects before continuing her architectural education at Harvard University where she recently received her Masters of Architecture at the Graduate School of Design. Her academic work has been featured in the annual GSD publications. Under MAT-TER both Hugo Martinez and Christin To have been published in Forbes, Inhabitat, Le Monde, and AIA CC Academy of Emerging Professionals for their professional work. Recently, their design work for the NISSAN Global motor show booths has won the coveted “Best Creative Booth Award” in the world’s largest auto show in Asia.


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