Submitting Work to Intersection for Consideration

The questions below are a way for Intersection’s Staff and Board to get a better sense of your proposed project and to determine if Intersection is a good fit. We ask these questions to better understand who the project might reach, how to explain it to our interns and volunteers, and how best to position it for media coverage. Please provide a brief summary of the project that you are proposing. It is helpful if you can provide answers to the following questions:

  • Why do you want to exhibit/perform/present your work at Intersection?
  • How do you see your work in the larger Bay Area and national context? Are there other artists charting similar territory? If there are any, how does your work differ?
  • What resources would you need to execute this project? Audio-visual equipment? Technical assistance, such as construction or painting? Fundraising? Time to create and install the work at Intersection? Assistance in managing and producing or installing the work?
  • Are you interested in having access to resources and artists outside of your particular discipline in order to execute the project? Set designers? Lighting designers? Poets? Musicians? Critical writers? Visual artists?
  • What kind of attendant events (such as artist’s talks, panel discussions, slide presentations, performances, off-site community-based workshops or events) do you envision being programmed in conjunction with your project?
  • Where do you envision your work going after Intersection? Would an opportunity to work with Intersection help you further develop your artistic vocabulary?
  • Are there specific audiences/communities that you hope to reach by working with Intersection? Are these different than those that you already reach through your work?

Please do not call Intersection regarding the status of your proposal. You will be notified by email. We look forward to hearing, reading, and seeing your ideas.

Proposals should include the following material:

  • Letter of introduction with description of proposed project (see above).
  • Resumes/biographies of key artists; include your email.
  • Supporting materials if available, such as media reviews, previous promotional materials (cards, flyers, posters), work samples on disc with all relevant details: title of piece, dimensions, media and any other relevant information pertaining to the work.
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage for return of materials (please note: materials submitted without a S.A.S.E. will not be returned and will become the property of Intersection).

Please send your submissions to:

Intersection for the Arts
ATTN: Proposal Readers
925 Mission Street
San Francisco CA 94103

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