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PERFORMANCE PROGRAM: Theatre, Dance, Music, Multidisciplinary-- featuring longtime resident company CAMPO SANTO

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As with every Campo Santo production, you are guaranteed intelligence and emotion and powerful writing and incredible performances.”  

- Chad Jones, Theater Dogs

Intersection’s longtime resident theatre company


present Holy Crime: Rock N Roll and Sam Shepard 

January 09 through January 19| 8PM | THU-SUN | $25



As part of the Magic Theatre’s Sheparding Americathe several years’ long celebration of the legend Sam Shepard, these two companies are creating a special performance bringing out the musical heart of Shepard’s works.

This new piece Holy Crime: Rock N Roll and Sam Shepard is an evening length piece that brings a live music concert experience using writing from some of Shepard’s earlier “rock and roll” era works: Holy Ghostly and The Tooth of Crime Campo Santo and American Conservatory Theatre, led by this project’s Co-Directors Sean San Jose and Mark Rucker, have developed an evening that merges the texts and aesthetics of both original pieces and their own styles to create a piece responding to the the spirit of these early pieces- and done with all live music- throughout.

Seats will fill up- these shows are for only 50 people a night- and for two weeks only! Do not miss your opportunity to experience this front row live music and theatre battle!


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Continuing our explorations of redefining performance spaces- we are presenting this for only 50 people a show, for two weeks only- our own version of an in house concert residency.  After going on a journey for Luis Alfaro’s “Alleluia, The Road” we hope you will want to travel more with us in an intimate theatre experience.  In the past we have used our new play focus to populate iconic landscapes with our own aesthetic and communities- like with “Hamlet: Blood in the Brain” with Naomi Iizuka and California Shakepseare Theater.  We hope you will join us as we play and populate in the Sam Shepard world and enjoy some hot music theatre in the process with collaborators coming together from Campo Santo, A.C.T.’s MFA program, Felonious, Dirty Boots, Golda and the Guns, Makossa West, the Mime Troupe, Mugwumpin- featuring: Juan Amador, Steve Boss, Myers Clark, Ryan Williams French, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Florentino Gonzales, Rachel Lastimosa, Golda Sargento, Tommy Shepherd, Sango Tajima, Isiah Thompson and Alejandro Acosta, Nicole Lucero, Ashely Rogers, and Ashley Smiley.



November 01-23, 2013


Intersection for the Arts and Campo Santo present


The world premiere of a new play by MacArthur Genius Award Winner LUIS ALFARO

Directed by  Jonathan Moscone, Artistic Director of California Shakespeare Theater

featuring Sean San José, Campo Santo Co-Founder.


November 1 through November 17, 2013
Thursdays through Sundays, 8pm

PRESS OPENING: Monday  November  4, 8pm

When: November 1–17, performances Thursday–Sunday 8 pm
Where: Intersection for the Arts, 925 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Limited seating! BUY Tickets NOW:
Campo Santo, Intersection for the Arts and California Shakespeare Theater present the world premiere of Alleluia, the Road written by MacArthur Award Fellow Luis Alfaro.

MacArthur Genius award-winner, and writer in residence at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival at Ashland Luis Alfaro has been developing this piece with Campo Santo in mind over the past several years.  Join us for this thrilling experience as Intersection for the Arts, Campo Santo and California Shakespeare Theater present the world premiere of Alleluia, the Road written by one of our country’s most exciting and moving voices- Luis Alfaro.  For the past several years the three organizations have been developing and learning new ways to develop and create new work with our communities.  This play hightlights the Califas Festival and is the third piece in a series of productions that have included Campo Santo’s world premiere production of The River by Richard Montoya and California Shakespeare Theater season opening production of American Night also by Montoya.

Luis Alfaro, was inspired by August Strindberg’s last play The Great Highway, in which the lead character, the hunter, confronts his multiplicity of self through others whom he encounters alongside his voyage. It was a brilliant and complex play, that came out of what critics would later call a “mad man’s brain”.  Alfaro is lauded for his distinct ability to create freedom from the framework of Greek classics (Medea, as Alfaro’s Bruja and MojadaOedipus as Oedipus El Rey, Electra as Electricidad) and brings the same epic qualities to a contemporary existential storyline.  Alleluia, The Road is a vision quest, as is The Califas Project in many ways.  We have traveled up and down and sideways on the Highway 99 corridor and from San Diego, to East LA, San Marcos, Fowler, San Juan Bautista and Fresno, to the immediate 5M neighborhood in search of home.

Set in churches, diners, and fields across the state, the play finds Isaac fleeing his current life, re-living his Pentecostal preacher childhood, exploring his migrant roots, and examining his family connections as he traverses California along its primary trade route, Highway 99, pursued by his mother.  Audiences experience existential battles with past and present, spirit and salvation through both Isaac and his mother’s eyes and through Isaac’s encounters with his brother, his ex-wife, and the Devil.

“Alfaro manages to write a play that lets struggle of spirituality and sinfulness feels so very real not just religious,” says Sean San José, (Juan José in Richard Montoya’s  American Night, the Ballad of Juan José and Director of Montoya’s The River) performer and co-founder of esteemed multi-cultural theatre company Campo Santo. “It is all our families somehow- especially those who have found this state through the immigrant and migrant paths to the fields and harvesting of the central valley. This kind of uniquely specific and unbelievably sensorial creation of California’s great highway 99- makes this another gut punching, graceful amidst grit, musicality of migration in the stunning body of work of Luis Alfaro.”

Directed by renown Cal Shakes Artistic Director Jonathan MosconeAlleluia, The Road reunites Moscone with Campo Santo for the third 2013 production of the Califas project. Alleluia, The Road features a cast of diverse Bay Area actors rooted in Campo Santo Familia members — many of whom have been along for the entire Califas journey.  The Alleluia, The Road cast also includes Campo Santo company member and Cal Shakes Associate Artist Catherine Castellanos (Caliban in Cal Shakes The Tempest), with fellow Campo Santo company members Brian Rivera (Juan José the First, Bob Dylan in American Night; Luis in The River), Maria Candelaria (“Fuku Americanus” from Junot Diaz’s novel “Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”), Nora el Samahy, and Donald E. Lacy, Jr. (Sally Ranger and Brother Ballard, respectively, in The River).

Alleluia, The Road is a bold and exciting experiment set within an experiential setting, surrounded by an installation of video, photography, writing, and visual arts featuring works by lead artist Joan Osato and a host of other collaborators and participants from throughout the City and the State. “With Califas, we have imagined ways of telling stories that go beyond theaters. Add an energized set of community partners up and down the Highway 99 corridor creating art that in response to the Califas themes to the mix, and we’re really redefining performance, opening up the concept of theater.


About Campo Santo


Campo Santo is an award-winning multi-cultural ensemble founded in 1996 and in residence at Intersection for the Arts since 1997.  Campo Santo develops and premieres new theatre plays and other performance pieces, cultivates playwrights, fiction writers and poets, and engages diverse new audiences for the performing arts.  True to its Spanish name, Campo Santo (Sacred Ground) presents works rooted in using the sacred form of storytelling to create theatrical experiences that bond communities.  Through interactive development of socially relevant plays, Campo Santo continually creates intimate new places, new ground where artists and audiences come together, reflect the worlds they come from, and together reinvent the world in which we live.  Under the leadership of Co-Founder Sean San José, Campo Santo has developed more than 45 world premiere plays with a broad community of writers that includes luminaries Richard Montoya, Junot Diaz, Philip Kan Gotanda, Jessica Hagedorn, Naomi Iizuka, Denis Johnson, Octavio Solis and a host of other flourishing artists.   Playwrights Sharif Abu-Hamdeh, Chinaka Hodge and Dennis Kim are among the burgeoning community of emerging artists with whom Campo Santo has worked to develop first productions.  In 2012, Campo Santo re-imagined performance space through its performances with Epiphany Productions at San Francisco Trolley Dances, and by presenting an entirely mobile performance through its Mobile Bus Street Art Performance Tour.  Upcoming works continue the ensemble’s trajectory of presenting new voices in surprising places and include new plays by Hodge and Luis Alfaro.

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