Broadside Attractions | Vanquished Terrains Show APRIL 11- MAY 26

Before the meme, the pandora station ads, QR codes, and email marketing…EVEN BEFORE the billboard, bansky, or club flyers….there was the BROADSIDE.  Closer to what we see on Haight Street, the light posts clad with homemade printed flyers for DJ nights and band performances stapled on to death. These can pass as the modern broadside. […]


Intersection co-presents Mrs. Judo!

Throwing thousands of years of tradition to the wind, Keiko Fukuda chose to follow her own destiny and become the highest ranking woman in judo’s history. Mrs. Judo tells the inspirational story of Fukuda’s lifelong journey, spanning four continents, nine decades, and two distinct cultures, to overcome adversity and ultimately transform into a living legend. […]

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