Artist in Residence Program

May 1 - October 31, 2024

This program is exclusive to Intersection for the Arts’ Fiscally Sponsored Projects and Coworking Members

About the Residency:

Our 2024 Artist in Residence (AIR) Program provides our members with space, time, and resources to hone their skills and forge deeper community connections.

During the 6-month period (May 1, 2024 – October 31, 2024), our 2024 cohort of six Fiscally Sponsored (FSP) and/or Coworking members will each plan and implement one community engagement event in Intersection’s Space in consultation with the Space Program Manager. To support community engagement, the AIR cohort will participate in a Marketing Training Series facilitated by Anthem Salgado, founder and lead Business Coach for the professional development program, ART OF HUSTLE®.

This opportunity is not open to the public, it is exclusive for Intersection for the Art’s Fiscally Sponsored Projects and Coworking Members. For questions, please review our FAQ at the bottom of this page or contact our Space Program Manager, Sloane Larsen, at

Meet Anthem Salgado:

Our 2024 AIR cohort will participate in a Marketing Training Series facilitated by Anthem Salgado, founder and lead Business Coach for professional development program, ART OF HUSTLE®. For creative entrepreneurs wanting to grow their practicewhile still maintaining their integrity, ethics, soul, creativity, and wellbeing, Anthem Salgado provides sound guidance and strategy that is proven to untangle to-do lists and clear a pathway for new forward movement. He has led trainings and provided strategy to solo entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofit organizations, helping people successfully change careers, launch businesses, promote their work, and generate new revenue. Salgado has given talks and workshops for such reputable organizations as: Brooklyn Museum, Theatre Communications Group, Foundation Center, Network for Ensemble Theaters, and Center for Cultural Innovation.

Anthem Salgado

AIR Program Includes:  

/ $2,000 unrestricted stipend. 

/ One coworking dedicated desk (accessible 24/7) with a filing cabinet and storage locker.

/ Marketing training series presented by Anthem Salgado. 

/ 15 hours of free space rental at Intersection during the months of August – October 2024.

/ Promotion of community engagement events on Intersection’s social media channels as well as guest curation.

/ Participants will be included in and receive a copy of a commemorative poster, which be added to Intersection’s long standing poster archive.

2024 Artist in Residence Participants:


Bridge Live Arts & alloyed mettles

Bridge Live Arts (BLA) is a Bay Area-based nonprofit organization that creates and supports equity-driven live art. Their staff comprises four working artists of color: Felicitas Fischer, Karla Quintero, and co-directors Rebecca Fitton and Cherie Hill.

BLA is currently experimenting with new, decentralized models for supporting the creative work of its all-artist staff. This residency represents another step in their dedication to creating sustainable models for organizational success that consider the artistic fulfillment of their staff.

Thus, as part of BLA’s residency, they are sharing resources with Karla Quintero (a BLA staff member) and Belinda He (Bay Area artist), who together operate alloyed mettles, a collaborative dance duo that supports longevity in dance. Their creative work is informed by their shared and individual histories in dance and improvisation across genres, partner dances, and somatics. This residency will support alloyed mettles community programming on the theme of aging in dance and the marketing development of BLA. Their collective hope is for both artist and organization to flourish in tandem.

Learn more about Bridge Lives Arts here.

MC Arts and Culture

Marin City Arts and Culture supports the healing of multi-generational trauma by providing safe spaces for Black artists to create, exhibit, teach, and connect with other communities. MC Arts and Culture imagines a world where Black artists use their craft to uplift humanity, one note, one step, and one word at a time. 

During their residency, MC Arts and Culture will offer workshops on the subject of Argentine Tango, led by artist Jean Pierre Sighe, an artist from Cameroon, West Africa. These workshops will explore the themes of connection that are inherent to Argentine Tango. Sighe will also teach the culturally important origins of this dance genre, which have been suppressed due to the genocide of African people in Argentina.

Learn more about MC Arts and Culture here

Possibly Puppets

Possibly Puppets creates imaginative contemporary puppet shows for family-friendly audiences. They express their handmade stories using a variety of puppet styles, incorporating book arts and lovable characters who explore complex modern themes with creativity and wonder.

Their team comprises Risa Lenore, Project Artistic Lead, and Daniel Gill, puppeteer and collaborator. During their residency, they hope to enhance their marketing skills, cross-pollinate with other Bay Area artists, share a work-in-progress puppet piece, and organize a public puppet workshop at Intersection for the Arts. These goals will enhance their mission of elevating contemporary puppet theater in the Bay Area.

Learn more about Possibly Puppets here


RAWdance is a bicoastal contemporary dance company whose nuanced, crafted, movement-driven dances pose questions ranging from the broadly social to the intimately personal. Their artistic practice is deeply rooted in collaboration between the Co-Artistic Directors, company performers, cross-disciplinary partners, and audiences who see their works in development. They are constantly seeking new containers for their work and frames that will open up the creative practice and offer new ways of seeing space and movement while centering a human, emotional core.

RAWdance plans to use the residency period and resources to support the creation of new works for their 20th Anniversary Home Season (October 24-27 at ODC Theater), focusing on commissions for two pairs of our company artists. They hope to develop new marketing tools and language to share RAWdance’s multifaceted, evolving identity and story.

Their team comprises Marquis Engle, Managing Director; Ryan T. Smith, Co-Artistic Director; and Wendy Rein, Co-Artistic Director; and four RAWdance Performer-Collaborators who they have commissioned to create new work for their fall season through this residency: Nick Wagner, Stacey Yuen, Kelly Del Rosario, and Erin Yen. Learn more about RAWdance here.


Tableau Stations

Tableau Stations is an interdisciplinary performing arts platform that engages local and global questions of place. Since 2004, they have developed multi-disciplinary works focused on precarity, displacement, and presence. Numerous works have been created in the SF Bay Area and nomadically through experiential research, site-specific and communal social arts practices, and collaborations with many renowned artists, dancers, musicians, and organizations.

Through participation in Intersection for the Arts AIR Program, they hope to expand and deepen a local dialog in San Francisco in connection to issues of affordable housing, precarity, and placemaking with a current multi-year project entitled HOME WAVES, composed through a nuanced lens of somatic movement workshops, collaborative videos, and site-specific performances. They hope to cultivate this work, develop project partners, and open participation, conversation, and space activation processes.

Their team comprises Isak Immanuel, a primary Intersection AIR participant and interdisciplinary dance artist, and Marina Fukushima, Surjit Nongmeikapam, a collaborative dance artist. Learn more about Tableau Stations here

Voices of the Community

Voices of the Community is a radio and television show that centers on community voices and solution-focused outcomes to address social, economic, business, arts and culture, and governmental services issues. Their team comprises George Koster, Creator, Host, and Producer; Eric Estrada, Associate Producer and Editor; and Kasey Nance with Citron Studio, Graphics Wizard.

During this residency, Voices of the Community will co-host a community dialogue to support their fellow creative workforce and foster a larger creative economy. Learn more about Voices of the Community here

2023 AIR Participants

3rd Space Lab Collective

Fiscally Sponsored Member of Intersection

3rd Space Lab Collective is a women-led, transnational art collective from Bangalore, India and San Francisco. Through collective conversations, creative collaborations, and public engagements, they capture stories which express the lived experiences of the people and communities they work with. They used their AIR time to develop their ongoing project Social Weavers, a collaboration with craft communities in India and San Francisco. They engaged local artists through public workshops, gatherings and host stitching circles, to activate a series of public Collective Conversations. 

Beast Crawl Literary Festival 

Fiscally Sponsored Member of Intersection

The Beast Crawl Literary Festival organizes curators and educators into outreach programs and showcases events that empower literary artists who do not have traditional access to literary platforms. They held a number of public performances (and workshops around volunteering/coordinating festival logistics) to serve as fundraisers for their upcoming festival.

Epiphany Dance Theater

Coworking Member of Intersection

Epiphany Dance Theater creates thought-provoking, accessible dance performances and educational programs, building understanding across cultures and ages. On the stage and in the street, they illuminate the ordinary and the extraordinary, inspiring social change using art as a vehicle. They utilized Intersection’s space by leading workshops in partnership with OASIS for Girls, teaching the Art of Abstract Storytelling, to prepare for summer programming with the Children’s Creativity Museum as well as their upcoming 25th anniversary celebration.

Lyzette Wanzer Projects

Fiscally Sponsored Member of Intersection

Lyzette Wanzer is a fiction and nonfiction author. In 2020 she founded TRAUMA, TRESSES, & TRUTH, a book-and-conference project that examines and interrogates the perception, policing, persecution, and politics of African American and Afro Latina women’s natural hair in American society. She teaches writing and professional development workshops for creative writers of all genres. Lyzette’s used her AIR time to offer a series of workshops on the topics of creative writing and professional development, as well as a Writing Our Hair seminar and and a author event. 

Mad One Media

Fiscally Sponsored Member of Intersection

Joshua Walters, the Creator of Mad One Media, records audio for his podcast platform, coaches artists, and provides workshops around creating a sustainable artistic practice. As a mental health educator, Joshua intends to grow a community of like-minded artists in a container where they formulate a set of wellness tools. Joshua used Intersection’s AIR to host a festival to showcase “Creativity as Practice for Mental Health”.

Paufve Dance

Fiscally Sponsored Member of Intersection

Artistic Director Randee Paufve began making dances in the Bay in 1988. Known as a “dancer’s choreographer,” her work is recognized for its rigorous craft, emotional connectivity, and intimate performances. Paufve Dance was formed in 2002, and has continuously employed dancers and created opportunities for choreographers at all career stages. Paufve Dance activated Intersection’s space throughout the duration of the residency program by holding open rehearsals to invite community members into the choreographic process, as well as presenting a formal showing at the end of the residency. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to Intersection's AIR program?

This program is exclusive to Intersection for the Arts Fiscally Sponsored Projects and Coworking Members, this program is not open to the public. 2023 AIR participants are ineligible to apply to this year’s program.’

Who is on the selection panel?

The selection panel is made up of representatives from Intersection’s board, staff, and 2023 AIR participants. 

What is the criteria on which applications are evaluated?

/ Eligibility in that they are a current member of Intersection’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program or a Coworking Member
/ Clear communication of question responses. Responses can be communicated in writing or in an alternative format, including but not limited to: video, song, poem, illustration, slide deck, etc.
/ Investment in community engagement and sees this residency as a part of that development
/ Vision for how they would utilize the 15 hours of free space rental to engage community in their arts practice
/ Interest in building a marketing plan that will attract and engage community
/ Confirmed participation in all of the professional development dates
/ Description of how access to Intersection’s space will support their approach to community engagement.

What is considered a community engagement event?

Community engagement events are any event that invites members of your community to engage in, learn from or be an audience to your creative process or project. For example: performance, rehearsal, workshop, reading, or gathering.

What if I’m already a Coworking Member? How is my membership affected by the residency offerings?

If you are a Coworking Member, your membership fee will be paused for the duration of the residency period. During which time, you will have a Dedicated Desk at Intersection with 24/7 access.

What is the purpose of the Marketing Training Series?

All of the resources provided as part of the AIR program are intended to help support you in your arts practice and/or business.The purpose of the Marketing Training Series is to assist you in growing your marketing skills, so that you can amplify your unique voice and build relationships within your community. The training series will also support you in promoting your community engagement event during your residency.

What COVID precautions Intersection is taking?

Masks are optional but recommended at Intersection’s space, with signage posted to indicate this. Each room is equipped with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) air filter, in addition to our HVAC system. We are sensitive to individual needs, and support you in determining mask requirements at your events. Please note that masking recommendations may change depending on local conditions and city guidelines.

What are the public relations protocols, such as press releases?

AIRs are encouraged to promote their events as much as possible, including creating press releases. We ask that written promotional content is reviewed by Intersection’s Engagement Manager, Claire Astrow, before publishing, and that materials be provided at a minimum of two weeks before information is shared publicly.

When can I hold an event at Intersection’s space?

AIR community engagement events will be held between the months of August – October, with two Artists in Residence’ events scheduled each month. AIRs will coordinate these days in consultation with Sloane, Intersection’s Space Program Manager by June 30th. While it is possible to schedule an event on evenings and weekends, it is preferred that your events take place on weekdays, with events requiring technical assistance to take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays between the hours of 9:30am – 6pm. 

Do I need to hold General Liability Insurance?

Yes. Each AIR participant will need to hold General Liability Insurance, with coverage during the residency period (particularly during the period you plan to hold event/s in the space).The insurance policy must: 

– Provide coverage for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and other losses; 

– have a single limit of liability of at least $1,000,000 and general aggregate liability of at least $2,000,000; and 

– name Intersection and XXX as additional insureds.

If you are a Fiscally Sponsored Member of Intersection, you have the option to be added to Intersection for the Arts’ General Liability Policy for a flat rate fee of $150.

Intersection’s policy periods are as follows:

July 13, 2023 – July 12, 2024

July 13, 2024 – July 12, 2025

Do all Community Engagement Events need to be open to the public?

No. It is up to you, whether you would like for your event to be advertised publicly and open for the general public to attend. This is not a requirement. The community engagement event is an opportunity for you to share your work with your community at Intersection’s space. This can be through private invasion or public announcement.

Do I need to have a permit to serve food and alcohol at Intersection for the Arts’ space?

If your Community Engagement event is a public event, you will need to obtain an Alcoholic Beverage Control Permit to serve alcohol and a Temporary Food Facility Permit to serve food. According to SF City guidelines, an event is considered a public event if:

-The event is free or a ticket/pass can be purchased by the general public.

-The event is advertised through media ‐ internet, newspaper, television, radio, and billboard.

-The general public would attend the event either by interest of the trade or advertisement of the event.

Do I need to bring a project to completion by the end of the residency period?

Project completion is not a requirement of the AIR program. This is an opportunity to explore, expand and engage in your arts practice. However, at least one public activation of the space is required.

How many resident artists will be included in the cohort?

Six resident artists will be included in the cohort. 

How may the 15 hours of free space rental be used?

Each artist in residence will receive 15 hours of free space rental which may be used to support your work. This will include all uses of the space, so let your imagination guide you (for example: private meetings or gatherings, rehearsal space, workshops, creation space)!

How do I reserve space rental during the residency?

Space rental reservations can be made by coordinating with Intersection’s Space Manager, Sloane Larsen at

How may AIRs utilize Intersection’s marketing channels?

AIRs are invited to participate in a 3-day social media takeover. Additionally, Intersection will help to promote the events that AIRs organize at Intersectoin’s space between the months of August – October via Intersection’s newsletter and social media marketing.

How does Intersection’s space meet accessibility needs?

Elevator access is available for anyone who may need it via our Fell Street Entrance. Intersection for the Arts does not have automatic doors at either entrance nor the restrooms, but staff is available to assist with entry. Our space has two restrooms, both of which are gender neutral and ADA compliant. One restroom is single use and the other has four stalls, including a wheelchair accessible stall. 

By the conclusion of the residency program, do I need to bring a project to completion?

Project completion is not a requirement of the AIR program. This is an opportunity to explore, expand and engage in your arts practice. However, at least one public activation of the space is required.

If selected, can my vision for how to utilize the 15 hours of free space rental change?

Absolutely! While we do want to see that you have a vision for engaging community at Intersection’s space, we welcome the evolution of that initial idea.

Is a discount on space rental provided, beyond the 15 hours of free space rental included in the AIR program?

As members of Intersection for the Arts, IFTA’s various rental rooms are available to you at a discounted hourly rate