By appointment only

Staff Contacts

Scott Nielsen, Executive Co-Director of Finance & Operations
Contact Scott about Intersection’s operations and finance:
(415) 626 – 2787 ext 106

Yesenia Sanchez, Executive Co-Director, Membership & Programs 
Contact Yesenia for questions about Intersection’s programs and organizational partnerships, as well as professional development, coaches, and consultants:

Jae Tioseco, Administrative Director
Contact Jae for general and administrative questions about Intersection for the Arts:
(415) 626 – 2787 ext 101

Claire Astrow, Engagement Manager
Contact Claire for press queries, promotional partnerships, or other outreach/marketing questions:
(415) 626 – 2787 ext 111

Sloane Larson, Space Program Manager
Contact Sloane for questions about coworking, space rentals as well as current and upcoming incubator opportunities:
(415) 626 – 2787 ext 104

Liana Mier, Accounts Payable Manager
Contact Liana for questions about RFPs, ROFs, Intersection’s weekly payment disbursement schedule, or any other general finance questions:
(415) 626 – 2787 ext 107

Jamie Walsh, Membership Manager
Contact Jamie for questions about fiscal sponsorship, financial reports, grants management, and any other general inquiries:
(415) 626 – 2787 ext 109

Vicky Cassis, Finance Manager
Contact Vicky for finance-related requests:
(415) 626 – 2787 ext 118

Willie Caldwell, Finance Associate
Contact Willie for questions about our finance process:
(415) 626 – 2787 ext 108

Sarah Chou, Finance Support Assistant
Contact Sarah for questions regarding RFPs:
(415) 626 – 2787 ext 110

Krista Smith, Grants Manager 
Contact Krista for questions regarding grants:
(415) 626 – 2787 ext 117


Intersection for the Arts respectfully acknowledges that we are based in Yelamu: the traditional, unceded lands of the Ohlone people. We pay our respects to elders both past and present.