“Because of the amount of time Intersection has been around, its history is a complicated story to tell. It’s always going to be seen through the lens of how you experienced it and when, so there is a certain amount of refraction that takes place during each of our reflections. A poet reading in front of a packed audience in an old church in North Beach in the sixties would see it from a much different perspective than a visual artist whose work was installed in one of the spaces in the Mission in the eighties. Given that time bends and sometimes warps memory, a historical record  will never be precise, and something is bound to be left out. What is presented here is drawn from the archives, which, although they contain such minutiae as old phone messages and reservation sheets, is by necessity a broad stroke approach to telling the history of this enduring and complicated organization.”

— Randy Rollison, Executive Director of Intersection for the Arts, 2014-2021 (In reference to the Intersection’s archives, which were donated to the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley in 2018)