The Business of Being an Artist

A Mills College course in which students create a business plan for their arts venture.

Interested in building a career in the arts? Have an idea for a creative business venture? Need to figure out what it takes to get started and to be sustainable?

Learn directly from professional artists and arts managers working in dance, studio art, theatre, music, writing, and across disciplines​.

​MGMT 186/286: ​Th​e Business of Being an Artist is a course at Mills College​ presented ​in partnership with Intersection for the Arts. ​In this course students develop a business plan to launch a new—or further develop an existing—arts business venture. The instructional team serves as facilitators and advisors to guide students in articulating their business vision and crafting a functional plan. Course components are driven by the use of the Business Model Canvas design-thinking tool. Upon completion of the course, students will have a comprehensive plan that can be used as a model for supporting their individual professional arts practice, opening an arts business, or can be used as a portfolio piece to show prospective employers. Weekly class sessions are lead by Instructor Amy Kweskin.


Who Can Enroll?

Open to all majors, undergraduates and graduates (except first years). ​

Past Presenters
  • Yesenia Sanchez, Soleil Coaching & Consulting
  • Randy Rollison, Intersection for the Arts
  • Pavan Singh, Marketing & Strategy Expert
  • Anthem Salgado, Art of the Hustle
  • Beatrice L. Thomas, Cultural Strategist
  • Kevin Seaman, Cultural Worker
  • Lina Buffington, INNOVATE Consulting​