Fiscal Sponsorship

Become a member with fiscal sponsorship. Take your creative projects to the next level and join a dynamic, arts community.

Heads up: Intersection’s Fiscal Sponsorship Application is currently closed. Please check back soon for any updates! Learn more about our fiscal sponsorship membership below.

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal Sponsorship is a partnership in which a 501(c)3 nonprofit (“the fiscal sponsor”) sponsors a project so the project can access grants and tax-deductible contributions.

We provide administrative support in return for a 10% fee on the fiscally sponsored projects’ income. Whether you’re on the path to become a nonprofit, aren’t ready to become a nonprofit, or simply don’t want to, our fiscal sponsorship program empowers you with resources and knowledge to realize your goals.


We fiscally sponsor projects across many disciplines and backgrounds.

  • Your project relates to arts or culture
  • Your project is non-commercial in nature or has a community benefit
  • You want to access funds from charitable sources such as foundations or individual donors
  • Your project will take place in the Bay Area
  • You have a committed project director

Intersection’s Fiscal Sponsorship Application is currently closed.

Click here to submit questions about the Fiscal Sponsorship Application.

Click here for a nationwide Fiscal Sponsor Directory.


Member Benefits

  • Access to grants and tax-deductible contributions
  • Dedicated staff support for all questions and concerns
  • Free grant reviews for all grant applications
  • Discounted rates for workshops and arts coaching
  • Discounted rates for coworking and space rentals
  • Help tracking expenses and managing 1099 forms
  • Ability to securely receive online donations through Flipcause (learn more about what you get through Flipcause)
  • Monthly account statements
  • Formal tax acknowledgment letters to donors
  • Shout-outs on our social media

How it works

Cost of Membership
  • ​$50 nonrefundable application fee
  • $100 intake fee due at contract signing (if project is accepted)
  • 10% fee on the fiscally sponsored projects’ income 
  • $100 annual renewal fee
Application Process

Before you submit:

  • Download and complete the Budget Form 
  • ​Gather materials: work samples, resume(s), and completed budget form
  • Tip! Write your answers in a separate document. When you’re ready to submit, copy and paste your answers into the application form fields.

After you Submit

  • We review your application to determine ​if your project meets our criteria
  • We set up an interview to learn more about your project
  • We determine whether to approve the project

If accepted, you will

  • Attend an orientation meeting with Intersection staff
  • Designate one person to be your project’s​ legal representative​
  • Complete an intake form
  • Attend a training on our request for payment process
  • Review and sign a contract for a trial period of one year
  • After one year, you can choose to renew your project

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need fiscal sponsorship?

To fund your creative projects and art practice.

Most private and public funders only grant funds to projects that are a 501c3 nonprofit or that are fiscally sponsored by a 501c3 nonprofit. With our fiscal sponsorship, you’re held under Intersection’s tax-exempt status. While we focus on the administration, you can focus on your art and mission.

Why should I get fiscal sponsorship instead of becoming a 501(c)3 nonprofit?

501(c)3 nonprofit status comes with bureaucratic responsibilities that can be hard for individuals and organizations to manage. For most individuals and small teams, fiscal sponsorship is a better alternative. Whether you want to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit or not, we help you achieve your goals.

Do I have to run all of my project income through my Intersection account?

You must run donations and grants through your Intersection account. You’re not required to run earned income (such as ticket sales, merchandise sales, and contracted service fees) through Intersection. However, many members choose to run earned income through Intersection because it simplifies bookkeeping processes and often lowers their taxes.

Can I have multiple fiscal sponsors?

No. Intersection’s fiscal sponsorship contract is exclusive. This also helps you stay organized.

How does Intersection manage my project funds?

We set you up with an Intersection account. Money coming into your project will go into this account. You can then use funds in this account to pay yourself, others, and project expenses. We provide you with financial reports of your account activity.

How do I pay myself and others?

We set you up with an Intersection account that contains available funds. To use these funds, you submit check requests to Intersection. We process checks weekly, and can mail checks directly or have them available for pickup at Intersection’s office.

Can I have multiple projects with Intersection?


Should I set up a bank account for my Intersection project?

This is up to you. Some members find it beneficial to keep their project finances separate from their personal finances. For smaller-scale projects, it’s usually not necessary.

Do I pay taxes on money I receive from Intersection?

Yes. You will pay taxes on money you earn as an independent contractor (i.e. artist fees, administrative support, or other contracted services). Intersection issues 1099 forms to you and all of your contractors every January.

You will not pay taxes on reimbursements for expenses paid out-of-pocket. These are not tax-eligible and will not appear on your 1099.

Can I apply under my LLC, corporation, non-profit corporation or sole proprietorship?


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“Intersection knows the Bay Area arts scene, the fundraising landscape, and the tools artists need to succeed. They handle the nitty-gritty so that we can spend our time making art. And since so many of the staff are artists themselves, there is genuine understanding and camaraderie that infuses our collective work with passion and persistence.”

Ellen Kamoe

The Bare Life Review
“Through the support of Intersection, I’ve received numerous grants for my creative work and curatorial projects. These grants have also enabled me to support collaborating artists, thus spreading the support to the larger arts community. I’m grateful for Intersection in helping me make my dreams and aspirations real.”

Sarah Klein

Sarah Klein Projects

“Intersection doesn’t just provide us with the logistical support for accounting and grant management, they keep us connected with other arts organizations in our community so that we can all work together make sure the arts are valued in San Francisco and the Bay Area.”

Todd Berman

Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area

“As an independent artist and founder I’m constantly spread thin, but Intersection gives me the tools and resources to feel supported and keep my head above water. Intersection goes above and beyond and I appreciate it every single day.”

Anna Smith

The Quinan Street Project

“Intersection has galvanized our organization to focus on what matters and build our professional capacities. “

Justin Hoover

Collective Action Studio


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