SF Open Studios at Intersection

September 21 + 22, 2024
Photography by Sloane Larsen.

We are delighted to host SF Open Studios (SFOS) at Intersection for the Arts for the second year in a row! SFOS, a beloved annual tradition since 1975, is a citywide initiative for artists to promote their work and engage directly with residents, tourists, and fellow creatives. SFOS is an excellent opportunity for artists to sell work, promote their art practice, and network with visitors.

Happening:  September 21 + 22, 11 am – 5 pm, 2024
Artist Deadline to Apply to Intersection as Group Site: July 1, 2024
Address: 41 Fell Street, SF, CA 94102

How to Apply:

To participate in SFOS, you must be an ArtSpan member. To sign up: 

  1. Visit artspan.org and login (or create) your artist account via the blue button in the upper right hand corner. 
  2. Click the blue “become an artist member” button in the banner at the top of your screen. You will only see this banner if your membership is active.  
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to select your preferred participation tier. 
  4. Review your Artist’s Public Profile information. This is your year-round information that is publicly viewable on ArtSpan.org/art
  5. Pay the registration fee.
  6. Check your inbox for an email from guide@sfosguide.com to select your weekend, enter your SFOS Event location, indicate if you are participating with a Group, and upload your Guide image by the deadline!

Once you’ve followed the instructions above, you can submit to showcase your work at Intersection for the Arts. To apply, please email the following to space@theintersection.org.
The deadline to apply is July 1, 2024. 

  1. Please use the subject line: SFOS Application. 
  2. Inventory list of your work including: title, materials, dimensions, and date. 
  3. Google Drive link with 5-10 images of artwork. We encourage you to submit work that is high resolution (300 DPI) so we can promote your work on special media. Please title files so they correspond with your inventory list: [title_materials_dimensions_date]
  4. Artist statement (50 words max). 
  5. Short description (2-3 sentences max) of your vision for installing their work in the space.
  6. Let us know your preference for displaying your work. We will consider your preferences as we make our space assignments.
    1. Will you require a 10-foot x 2-foot table (IFTA can provide this free of charge)? 
    2. Would you prefer you work to be displayed on the wall or a 3’ x 8’ tall partition?
Why participate in SFOS?
  • Motivation – “It forced me to recognize and clean my studio, create new work, and have a goal to work towards each year.”
  • Marketing – “Exposure to soooo many art fans.”
  • Community – “Talking to new and returning collectors who ‘get’ what I’m doing.”
  • Sales – “Seeing first-time buyers light up with excitement from their purchase.”
  • Feedback – “Regardless of sales, the audience reaction to my work and the conversation that my artwork sparked.”
Why display your work at Intersection for the Arts during SFOS?
  • Our space offers a gorgeous, sunlit, open floor plan that will allow your work to shine. 
  • We are conveniently located right next to Van Ness Muni Station and just a short stroll from the Civic Center BART/Muni Station, making our building centrally located and easily accessible to the public. 
  • We are a renowned, bedrock Bay Area arts nonprofit dedicated to helping artists grow since 1965. 

2023 Presenting Artists:


Claire Astrow

Claire creates abstract acrylic paintings that reach out for connection. Shes uses satisfying shapes and a vibrant color palette to create a sense of warmth and playful exploration. 

WEBSITE: claireastrow.com

Janey Fritsche

Janey’s painting practice is woven together with her meditation practice and her abiding love of the ocean.  She carries a utopian vision that she explores in her search for her personal question, “how can I use art as a force for good”? 

WEBSITE: janeyfritsche.com
IG HANDLE: @janeynow

Margaret Luo

Margaret Luo is a self-taught painter who uses her inspiration from the natural world to provoke reflection on humanity’s roles in nature and its life processes. Influenced by the Earth’s resilience and its renewing cycles, Luo creates paintings that bring attention to the details and fractals of nature. 

WEBSITE: margaretluoart.com
IG HANDLE: @margaret.luo.art

Megan Broughton

Megan is a multidisciplinary artist working with drawing, painting, and printmaking. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts from CalArts and makes work about Arctic ice, the climate crisis, loss, and transition. ⁠

WEBSITE: meganbroughton.com
IG HANDLE: @meganbroughtonartist

Melissa Louise Bolger

Melissa creates photo-realistic, colored pencil drawings of crocheted granny squares and close-up still-lifes of single-use plastics. Melissa grew up off the grid outside of Redding, California. Today, she merges crafts and fine arts with her passion for environmentalism. ⁠

WEBSITE: melissalouisebolger.com
IG HANDLE: @melissalouisebolger

Sara Eberhart

Sara uses natural dyes and inks to create abstract landscapes on linen and paper.  These are an exploration of color from the natural world, value, and space. 

WEBSITE: sarakatestudio.wordpress.com
IG HANDLE: @sarakatestudio

Sloane Larsen

Sloane engages with personal and spiritual evolution in her use of organic colors, textures, forms, and intricate abstractions. Depth, movement, and the passage of time are implied through blurred figures and layered material, bringing dimension to the liminal and transitional aspects of life.

WEBSITE: sloanelarsen.com
IG HANDLE: @sloanelarsen_art

Yuting Wang

Yuting Wang is a figurative watercolor artist. Her work combines realism and expressive brushwork to create an ethereal yet tangible world that reveals the state of human existence and shared emotions.

WEBSITE: yutingwangart.com
IG HANDLE: @yutingwangpainting

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees charged to artists?

The total amount to exhibit at Intersection for the Arts is ArtSpan’s registration fee and participation tier. No additional fees are charged to artists for exhibiting work at Intersection for the Arts.

What is the total number of artists you can accommodate?


How much wall space or table space is available?

10’x10′ feet (with wiggle room) will be allocated to each artist. 

Do you have any preferred mediums or other preferences?

We are open to all mediums.

Are there any inconveniences or restrictions artists should be aware of?

Please note that holes may not be made in our walls. Artists are welcome to use sticky hooks or other means that would not damage the walls. In addition to wall space, we will have double-sided 3′ x 8′ partitions available. 

What is your availability for artists to come and set up?

September 20, 2024 between 11 am – 4 pm (the day before the event). 

What public transit lines are near your venue?

Van Ness (Metro) Transit Stop, F line, & Civic Center BART Station. 


What accessibility accommodations does your space offer?

We offer a wheelchair-accessible entrance, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, an elevator, and two gender-neutral bathrooms. Additionally, we will have staff onsite to assist with opening doors and providing any assistance that may be needed.

What is the parking accessibility?

There is street parking and nearby garages (Performing Arts Garage, 1455 Market Street Garage, Civic Center Plaza Garage, to name a few). ParkinSF provides information about various garages in close proximity to our location and their rates.